Session B – Monday


A camper scores a point against the counselors.

Tonight took place an epic battle of good versus evil, young versus old, also known as the campers versus counselors showcase game. Having played in many, many of these games over the past several years I can safely say that this week’s campers put up a great challenge for us counselors.

In the end the counselors are still employed but the campers were able to leave with their heads held high having scored 7 points against the counselors. Unfortunately through the use of the counselors sound and solid fundamentals they were able to score 30 points to win by a 23 point margin over the campers.

Despite the large margin of victory by the time the camp and staff had walked backed to the dorms the score and game was instantly removed form everyones minds as they faced possibly their biggest challenges of the night: which ice cream they should pick, what toppings they should put on their sundae and how much whip cream they can fit on top.

The campers are resting up for a great full day of ultimate tomorrow so without any delay here is the media coverage for today.

Tomorrow’s Newsletter:


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