About NUTC


The National Ultimate Training Camp would not exist in its present form without the Leisure Services & Supplemental Education of the town of Amherst. LSSE provides a wide variety of recreational and educational programs, services and facilities. They serve approximately 50,000 preschoolers through senior citizens throughout the Pioneer Valley and the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District.

LSSE offers hundreds of programs annually. These include adult and youth education classes of all kinds, aquatics, licensed after-school programs, a community theatre company, youth and adult sports, summer vacation and resident camps, and special events.

LSSE distributes its brochure, Amherst Leisure Times, to 16,000 homes and businesses four times per year. The brochure, which outlines all of their activities, remains in these homes throughout the year where it is referred to frequently.

The National Ultimate Training Camp is lucky to be in partnership with LSSE. They provide all the internal support needed to make this camp successful; LSSE is staffed by wonderful people who answer the phones, take registration forms, answer hundreds of questions, and work alongside the counselors and directors throughout camp.


Ultimate is a 7-on-7 game played on a field of 120 yards long and 40 yards wide, almost the same size as a football field. Teams score a point by passing the disc to a teammate in the endzone. The average ultimate competitor has to run constantly, master assorted throws, and understand a variety of defensive and offensive strategies.

Ultimate has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. Many cities and schools support active leagues and teams. Accomplished players now have opportunities to compete on national and international levels. We hope that this camp will contribute to the continued growth of ultimate, as well as develop the talents and skills of its campers and staff.


The best way to learn ultimate is to play ultimate. Campers will be first introduced to essential ultimate skills, drills and strategy. They will have many opportunities to practice what they learn in daily scrimmages. Individualized help will be available at all times: our counselor-to-camper ratio will be around 1:8. Each session will culminate with an all-camp tournament and awards ceremony that we welcome parents and families to attend.

The entire NUTC staff is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to develop their ultimate and interpersonal skills. All campers will sign a behavior contract which explains the clear expectations we have for all participants. We expect all campers and staff members to work their hardest to be their best, both on and off the field.

Almost all members of our NUTC staff have a strong teaching background.  Many of our counselors work full-time as teachers of English, music, special education, science and math. We are confident that our structure, organization and communication skills distinguishes us from other ultimate camps in the country.


Check out our Staff page.


Morning                                          Afternoon
7:00 Wake-up and Eat                 1:00 Warm-up
8:15 Walk to fields                        1:30 Game #2
8:45 Throw/Jog/Stretch             2:30 Break
9:30 Announcements                   2:45 Game #3
9:45 Skill Demo                            4:00 Cool Down
10:00 Skills and Drills                 4:15 Walk back to dorms
10:15 Break                                    4:30 Rec Hour
10:30 Game #1                              5:45 Dinner
11:30 Cool Down                           7:00 Evening Activities
11:45 Lunch                                    9:00 Return to Dorm
10:00 Lights out

Please note: If the weather becomes dangerously hot, we will modify the schedule to keep the campers out of the sun at the hottest time of the day. We will encourage them to go to the indoor pool, take a shower, or rest until the Camp Director determines camp can resume. The safety of our campers is our top concern at all times!


When ultimate is over for the day, campers and staff have time to relax and socialize while enjoying some of the following activities:

* Swimming
* Disc Golf, Goaltimate, Double Disc Court, and other disc sports
* Team Night (meet your teammates for the week while playing silly games)
* Trade Night (Bring some ultimate gear to trade or sell)
* Talent Show (Bring a musical instrument if you need it) You must either perform or be an appreciative member of the audience
* Discussions about Mental Toughness
* Leadership seminars
* Camper vs. Counselor Game



“I improved a lot more than I thought I would. I had an amazing time and I’m so happy that there’s a camp just for Ultimate!”

“ . . . the evaluations helped me home in on my skills/weaknesses, and really helped me in my knowledge of my improvement as a player. I will keep mine and use it to help me further improve.”

“Camp was great! I could feel myself getting better and better every day. This camp is the ideal for training, and while it was a very competitive and hard-working atmosphere, everybody remained very friendly.”

“Absolutely fantastic camp! Really no complaints (except maybe too short). Great dorms, fields, counselors, coaches, activities. Well done, Tiina! I truly enjoyed every minute of it.”

“This is the greatest camp I’ve been to.”

“It is an amazing place to meet people from around the country.”

“I had a blast! Keep up the good work!


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