NUTC – Session D – July 24th, 2018

Campers started their fourth day of NUTC off with some wonderful team time! Each team met with each other to start off their first Ultimate session of the day. Counselors went over a few drills to get the campers warmed up and then moved right into scrimmaging. After a few games the camp got together for the girls scrimmage! The boys cheered on the women as they showed off their skills in front of the whole camp. Before we knew it, campers scurried off to lunch for the afternoon.

Resize-5 Resize-28 Resize-31

After lunch the first games of the tournament started. Teams faced off for their first serious matches of the week and the intensity was at an all time high. Every camper was giving it their all and today set the tone for the days to come.

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All photos are uploaded to the NUTC Flickr account throughout the session.

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NUTC – Session D – July 23rd, 2018

Campers got up bright and early this morning to start their second day of Ultimate activities. With their new teams formed, campers got right to practicing with their counselors. After a few drills, counselors went over how to run a well functioning vertical stack. There was a quick scrimmage and then campers headed off to lunch.

Resize-14 Resize-18 Resize-20

After lunch campers met with the counselors to go over correct huck form. Lots of discs were flying through the air and campers slowly progressing their form. Eventually the teams got into scrimmages.

Resize-34 Resize-37 Resize-43

To end the night, campers participated in the Camper vs. Counselor game! Campers gave their best shot against defeating the Destructors but sadly they faced a formidable opponent. The atmosphere was light and there were smiles all around.

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All photos are uploaded to the NUTC Flickr account throughout the session.

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NUTC – Session D – July 22nd, 2018

First day of Ultimate activities for Session D started out a tad bit damp. Despite the rainy weather, campers began drills with high energy. The counselors went over how to effectively run a “come to” drill and then moved the campers into groups to do it themselves. After lunch campers split into groups where they worked on specific skills ranging from throwing hucks to cutting at the right time.

Resize Resize-25 Resize-42 Resize-54

Later that night the camp came together for team night where campers were told their new teams for the rest of the week. To decide colors of jerseys, each team competed in challenges that awarded points. With their new teams, the campers are excited to bond and grow with their teammates.

Resize-109 Resize-110 Resize-114

All photos will be uploaded to the NUTC Flickr account throughout the session.

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NUTC – Session D – July 21st, 2018

Before we knew it, Session D of NUTC 2018 was underway. The final group of campers for summer 2018 arrived at Mount Holyoke College this afternoon. Campers quickly checked in, grabbed swag, and moved into their rooms. They eventually headed out to the fields for a some scrimmaging before they headed off to dinner.

Resize-2 Resize-3

After dinner, campers filed into the lecture hall for intro night! The counselors introduced themselves and went over the rules for the week. After the rundown everyone walked back to the dorms where they checked in one last time before heading off to their rooms for the night. With a great start to camp, everyone is eager to get Ultimate activities started tomorrow morning!

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All photos will be uploaded to the NUTC Flickr account throughout the session.

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NUTC – Session C – July 19th, 2018

NUTC Session C 2018 came to an exciting end today with some amazing Ultimate. The semi-finals started the tone for the day with Red vs. Grey and Dark Blue vs. Purple. The intensity between all teams could be felt in the air as the campers gave it their all on the last day of camp. In the end, Red and Dark Blue advanced to the finals.

Resize-3 Resize-10 Resize-14

With the finals set, both teams had a few minutes to reconvene with their coaches. Once the game was underway, both teams were firing on all cylinders. Crispy offense was met with lock down defense on both teams. After half time the Red team pulled away with a nice lead and would eventually take the championship!

Resize-26 Resize-29 Resize-31 Resize-33 After the finals Session C ended with the awards ceremony. This was a time for the camp to recognize the campers that truly embody the NUTC spirit. With one last goodbye, the campers checked out of their rooms and marked an end to a fantastic session at the National Ultimate Training Camp. See you next year!

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All photos from this session have been uploaded to the NUTC Flickr account.

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NUTC – Session C – July 18th, 2018

The NUTC Session C tournament started off with high energy this morning with some spectacular play from all teams! Right off the bat each team started pool play games after a warm up with their counselors. Cheers could be heard all over the fields as teams gave it their all. Each team played three games in before they headed off to lunch.
Resize-25 Resize-27 Resize-55

Returning from lunch, the campers competed in the distance challenge. Each camper stepped up to the plate and gave their longest throw they could muster. Once the competition ended teams finished their last two games of the day.

Resize-67 Resize-69 Resize-75

To finish off the day campers traded jerseys and attended the talent show!

Resize-98 Resize-99 Resize-102

All photo coverage is being uploaded on the NUTC Photo Flickr.

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NUTC – Session C – July 17th, 2018

Pink Tuesday started off early with some quality team time. Dawning their pink attire, campers met with their counselors for a few drills to start off the morning session. Everything from end-zone sets to mental toughness were discussed among the athletes.


After team time, the girls scrimmage began! The ladies showed off their chilly offense and fiery defense in front of the whole camp. The bleachers were packed with campers cheering on the girls as their fellow athletes worked hard on the field.

Resize-28 Resize-40 Resize-42

Unfortunately the rain cancelled our afternoon session but luckily there was some fantastic ultimate to be watched over the world wide web. Campers piled into the auditorium to watch Fury vs. Riot on the projector live from WUCC. The day eventually wrapped up with a camp wide gender equity discussion.


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NUTC – Session C – July 16th, 2018

With their teams now settled, campers started off day three of Session C undeniable energy! After a warm up campers split into their new teams and were taught positioning in vertical stack. Counselors laid down the ground work for one of the most used offenses in the Ultimate. Teams then scrimmaged for the remainder of the morning session.


Resize-30 Resize-36

Once campers finished their lunch they headed back to the fields split up into their teams and were given a crash course on deep throws by the counselors. Then teams moved onto stations where groups of counselors taught around throws and defensive positioning.



To wrap up the day, campers and counselors faced off in the Campers vs Counselors game under the turf lights. Campers showed off their crispy throws and sharp cuts against the counselors. While they did play hard, campers unfortunately fell to the Destructors.

Resize-79 Resize-83 Resize-92

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NUTC – Session C – July 15th, 2018

Campers got up bright and early (maybe due to a fire alarm) to start their first day of Ultimate activities. The first session of the day was jam packed with information ranging from throwing tips to cut timing. Campers were then grouped off to scrimmage until lunch time.

Resize-17 Resize-30 Resize-43 Resize-48

After lunch campers once again separated into groups where they met with pairs of counselors to go over specific drills in stations. Resets, cutting, and same third throwing were discussed in the different stations. Before we knew it dinner was on deck and campers got their grub on at the dining hall.

Resize-72 Resize-82 Resize-88

To end the night campers were split into their teams at TEAM NIGHT!!! The campers will stay in these teams for the remainder of camp and eventually compete in the NUTC tournament. Each team competed against one other to see which color jersey they would dawn for the next four days of camp.

Resize-92 Resize-94 Resize-98

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NUTC – Session C – July 14th, 2018

NUTC Session C kicked off today with campers arriving at Mount Holyoke College! Campers quickly checked in with the staff, grabbed their own NUTC gear, and shuffled off to play pick up. Athletes from all over the United States have converged on this location for six days of Ultimate Frisbee excitement.

Resize-6 Resize-8 Resize-4 Resize-3

After the campers got themselves situated it was off to dinner where everyone was separated off into multiple groups. Everyone became acquainted with each other and then attended Intro Night where camp director Tiina Booth and the counselors introduced themselves. Tips on how to stay healthy for the week and goals for the campers were introduced by the staff. With excitement in the air, campers headed back to the dorms to meet with their groups one last time before they are set to wake up bright and early for their first day of activities!


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