3. How difficult is the training portion of this camp? What kind of shape should I be in?

In order to get the maximum out of NUTC, we suggest arriving at camp in VERY GOOD aerobic shape. This means that each camper should have been running and sprinting during the weeks leading up to camp. Please, do not expect this camp to get you into shape. Expect us to build on the foundation that you have already established. If you do not arrive at camp in shape already, you are at higher risk to sustain a minor injury which will force you to sit out some of the sessions.

Each day of camp features double sessions of ultimate, which culminates in an all-camp tournament at the end of the session. A large majority of the day is spent outside and playing ultimate. It is most beneficial to participate in all sessions to prepare for the tournament and to get the most out of your time while at NUTC.

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