7. What are the qualifications of the staff? Are they college players? Coaches?

Our camp began as a vision of our beloved director, Tiina Booth. Tiina taught English for over 20 years at Amherst Regional High School as well as coached numerous ultimate teams in the area and nationally. She currently is the coach of the UMass Amherst Men’s Ultimate Team that came into College Nationals Ranked #1 this past year. She brings the skills she learned in the classroom to the field and sets high expectations for her instructors and players alike.

Many of our handpicked counselors work as teachers and coaches throughout the year or are college athletes that are among the best in the country! We regularly have Callahan winners on staff (a Callahan is awarded to the most valuable college player each year) as well as coaches and players what have lead teams in international competition. These counselors are mature and responsible, hand selected for their special abilities and qualifications on and off the field as well as their desire to work with teenagers in a camp setting.

Criminal background checks are conducted on all camp staff.


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