Specific Camp Information

1. How old do you have to be to attend this camp? Are there any age limitations?

This camp is designed for campers aged 14-18. Campers should not have attended college yet, but they are eligible if they have just graduated from high school.

Our trained staff is dedicated to working with campers of all ages and skill levels from around the world, allowing for a wide variety of players to excel and be challenged while at camp. Players will be matched up my ability and speed as much as possible, while still being challenged to improve. We have an 8:1 counselor-to-camper ratio allowing for increased specialization and individual instruction!

2. Is this camp best suited for beginning, intermediate or advanced players?

We work tirelessly to obtain the best counselor staff in the ultimate world who are passionate about teaching their skills and love of the game to new or up-and-coming players. Players at any skill level are encouraged to come to NUTC in order to enhance their ultimate skills! Our 8:1 counselor-to-camper ratio makes it easy for campers of any skill level to improve their game and take it to the next level with individualized attention and personalized lesson plans. We accept campers who are brand new to the sport as well as campers that play for the top high shchool programs of the country!

3. How difficult is the training portion of this camp? What kind of shape should I be in?

In order to get the maximum out of NUTC, we suggest arriving at camp in VERY GOOD aerobic shape. This means that each camper should have been running and sprinting during the weeks leading up to camp. Please, do not expect this camp to get you into shape. Expect us to build on the foundation that you have already established. If you do not arrive at camp in shape already, you are at higher risk to sustain a minor injury which will force you to sit out some of the sessions.

Each day of camp features double sessions of ultimate, which culminates in an all-camp tournament at the end of the session. A large majority of the day is spent outside and playing ultimate. It is most beneficial to participate in all sessions to prepare for the tournament and to get the most out of your time while at NUTC.

4. What do we do when we are not playing ultimate?

After each day of camp sessions, we offer a late afternoon recreational hour with a variety of activities for campers to choose from, such as swimming, disc golf, Double Disc Court, Goaltimate, individual instruction and much more!

At night, counselors and staff put on evening activities such as Movie Night, Trade Night, Team Night, Gender Equity Night, and the ever-popular Talent Show! A disclaimer for the talent show: not everyone has to participate, but remember that “talent” is very loosely defined at NUTC.

5. How does NUTC handle dorm rooms and food?

All campers and counselors are housed in dorms on the Mount Holyoke College campus. Majority of campers share a double room, with some campers being housed in single dorm rooms. We believe that summer camp is a chance to meet new people and learn new social skills, and for that reason, we do not take roommate requests. We will do our best to pair campers according to age. Our philosophy is that NUTC is a time to make new friendships and what is a better way to make a new friend than your roommate?! It is extremely important that you bring a fan in order to ensure a good night’s sleep. The dorms are not air-conditioned. Sheets and pillows are NOT provided.

The cafeteria at Mount Holyoke College can accommodate any camper’s dietary needs. There is always a wide variety to choose from for all meals. However, if you prefer snacks before or after main meal periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) you should bring your own snacks with you.


6. Where do the campers travel from?

We are truly a NATIONAL training camp and attract campers from throughout the U.S. We obviously have a strong representation from the New England and the Northeast. In addition, we have had campers from Alaska, California, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, and Georgia.  We have also had campers come from Germany, South Africa, Colombia, South America, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Japan!

Part of what makes NUTC so much fun is the friendships that develop among ultimate players from all over the country and the world! It is difficult to attend an ultimate tournament after leaving camp and NOT run into someone from NUTC!

7. What are the qualifications of the staff? Are they college players? Coaches?

Our camp began as a vision of our beloved director, Tiina Booth. Tiina taught English for over 20 years at Amherst Regional High School as well as coached numerous ultimate teams in the area and nationally. She currently is the coach of the UMass Amherst Men’s Ultimate Team that came into College Nationals Ranked #1 this past year. She brings the skills she learned in the classroom to the field and sets high expectations for her instructors and players alike.

Many of our handpicked counselors work as teachers and coaches throughout the year or are college athletes that are among the best in the country! We regularly have Callahan winners on staff (a Callahan is awarded to the most valuable college player each year) as well as coaches and players what have lead teams in international competition. These counselors are mature and responsible, hand selected for their special abilities and qualifications on and off the field as well as their desire to work with teenagers in a camp setting.

Criminal background checks are conducted on all camp staff.


8. What kind of supervision is provided?

Our camp director Tiina Booth closely oversees the staff and campers. We have assistant directors on-site 24/7 to also oversee staff and campers. They, along with all of our counselors, work very hard to ensure that players are kept safe and happy throughout the week. An athletic trainer  will also be on staff 24/7.

Campers are expected to follow the behavior contract they sign prior to the start of camp. They will be monitored throughout their stay for unhealthy or unsafe behavior. Anyone who breaks the contract will be asked to leave camp immediately.

Our days begin at 7am for breakfast and will conclude with a 10pm curfew. In short, we will do our best to make this the safest possible experience for everyone.

Logistical Information

1. What do I need in order to register?

In order to register, go to the LSSE site at www.lsse.org. A link to NUTC registration will be located under the Youth Sports box on the home page. Please note that we need medical information and immunization records that are valid within the last two years of the date of the session you will attend.  If you registered last year, email the LSSE front desk at lsse@amherstma.gov to check if your information is still up-to-date.

Once you are registered, you will receive a packet that needs to be filled out and sent back.  This may seem like a lot of paperwork, but all of this is necessary to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.


2. I am planning on coming to two consecutive sessions. What should I do between sessions?

NUTC is unable to provide room, board or supervision for those two days between sessions. The dorms have to be cleaned and the staff needs a few days off to prepare for the next session. Other campers in this situation have made arrangements to travel to Boston or Cape Cod, tour New England colleges, or visit with friends or relatives. That is completely up to you.

Our supervision of all campers starts at 2 p.m every Saturday after the camper is registered and checked in and ends at 12:00 p.m. every Thursday.

3. When/Where should I arrive and depart if I am traveling by car?

Camp is held at Mount Holyoke College. Registration takes place in Pearsons Dorm, located at 50 College Street in South Hadley. There will be counselors throwing discs, holding signs, and directing drivers where to go once they arrive to the Mount Holyoke College campus.

An address for your GPS: 50 College Street South Hadley, MA 01075 .

Each session starts on Saturday afternoon. You should plan on arriving between 2 and 4 p.m.  Pick-up ultimate will run from 3-5 p.m. Please do not arrive early. We will be very busy making sure everything is ready for registration and for a fun week at camp!

Each session ends the following Thursday at 12:00 noon. No lunch will be served that day and the dorm and lounges must be left clean. You should make arrangements to be picked up no later than 12:00 noon. Parents are encouraged to attend the Awards Ceremony that takes place around 11:00 am prior to checkout.

4. When should I arrive and depart if I am traveling by plane?

Campers flying in for camp should fly into Bradley Intl. Airport in Hartford, Connecticut on the Saturday your session starts. We will provide one free shuttle to Bradley to pick up campers who arrive before 2:00 p.m.  The bus will leave Bradley at 2:00 p.m. to return to campus.

If you are flying in later than 2 p.m., or if your flight is delayed, you must make your own arrangements to get to camp. Valley Transporter provides shuttle service and they can be reached at 413-253-1350.  Their website is www.valleytransporter.com

You should schedule your departing flight on Thursday for 3 p.m. or later.  We will provide one free bus shuttle which will leave at noon from campus.  Again, if you are flying out much later in the day, you can call a transportation service.

5. Is there a key deposit? Can the deposit be in cash?

There is a $50 key deposit that will be returned to your child when we receive her/his key at the end of the session. NO cash will be accepted. Please make the check out to Town of Amherst and put your child’s name in the memo section.

6. Will any of the sessions sell out?

Our numbers for this up-coming summer are going to reflect the general growth of our sport all over the country! Our maximum is 100 campers per week and we are looking to sell out all sessions. We suggest registering as soon as possible to ensure you get the session you want, especially if you want to attend with a friend.

7. How much does camp cost and how do I avoid paying the late fee?

Pricing for camp is as follows:

Overnight Campers (resident): $795 by 6/4 – after $959

Overnight Campers (non-resident): $849 by 6/4 – after $959

A late fee can be avoided by making sure all of your registration materials are received by LSSE by the deadline, June 4, 2019. After that, you can still register for camp, provided it is not sold out, but you will have to pay the late fee.  We need this early deadline in order to make arrangements for staffing.

8. How do I apply to be a counselor?

Since we anticipate increased growth in the next few years, please send a brief email to Tiina Booth at tiina@nutc.net if you are interested. Please include a description of your ultimate, camp, coaching, and/or teaching experience.