Gold – Conclusion

Evening everyone,

It’s been a great week here at Gold lots of exciting action, great friendships made and more laughter and fun than ever.

Last night we divided the campers into three teams (each accompanied by a counselor from the north and one from the south) where they competed in a scavenger hunt around the Amherst College campus and downtown Amherst area. They had to do assorted tasks of taking photos, gathering items, answering questions, writing haikus and a NUTC theme song, etc. It was a blast and the team with the most amount of points sat in the middle of the room and were served pizza and cake for their hard efforts. There are great photos from the endeavor which you can view by clicking the link below. One of the funniest might have to be Jonah Herscu getting his pinkie nail painted by one of the very nice downtown nail salons.

Jonah Herscu gets his fingernail painted by a stranger.

Scavenger Hunt Photos:

This morning we had a four team (three of campers and one of staff) triple elimination mini ultimate tournament where the campers played make it take it and the staff had to hand the disc off after each point they scored. In the end when all was said and done the staff came forth victorious. The closing ceremony was very nice and cozy as we all gathered around in a circle to hear the last words from the counselors and staff. Now everyone is well on their way home and we wish them all safe travels.

Photos from the past few days:

Today marks the end of my duties as media person for the summer but Ryan our new media person is ready to pick up where I have left off for the next two sessions. I hope everyone has a great rest of the summer and joins us again next year. I look forward to seeing everyone on the fields.

Thank you,

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