Gold – Day 2 Recap

Jonah Herscu explains the differences between the Chump and Champ Zones.

Hi All,

Today has been a tremendously full day of ultimate with everything from learning new resets, and offenses in general, to having a great discussion with all the campers and staff about the mental aspects of the game which is directly transferable to any sport and in daily life as well.

This morning I filmed the campers throwing all their different throws so that this evening after dinner the campers were able to sit down with a few of the counselors to gain some valuable feedback. Not only that but most players at this level had never seen any video footage of themselves throwing before which is always very interesting things to see for the first time.

I spent the bulk of the day behind the video camera so while I was doing busy filming I had some wonderful photographs taken by counselor India Stubbs during the day and counselor John Terry in the night.

Check out all the fantastic photos they took right here:

There’s plenty more in store for campers this week, you’ll just have to wait and see.
Until tomorrow, have a great night.


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