* GOLD * GOLD * GOLD * – Day 1 Recap

Good evening everyone,

This afternoon the new batch of campers arrived, came amped and ready to play. We started off the day with some great looking pickup followed by a delicious dinner at Valentine Hall. Once dinner had been completed we all gathered sitting in a large circle going around the room with both the campers and counselors sharing their ultimate background, hometown and what they hoped to get out of this week here.

The evening activity was an entire camp-wide disc golf tournament where campers and counselors were paired at random from the draw of the disc. My partner and I unfortunately lost in the playoffs for second and ending up tying for 3rd. Next a bracket was created and the partners played rounds of Kan Jam until a winner was claimed. Again my partner and I made it to the semi-finals but lost in a close match tying for third. Everyone, clearly myself included, had a great deal of fun and are now resting up for a great full day of ultimate tomorrow.

This is going to be a fantastic week, I can feel it.


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