Gold – Monday Recap

Camper Dylan lays out to score a point while an Amherst local looks on.

Good evening everyone,

This mornings action was incredible. Immediately following breakfast the campers received lectures on Defensive Positioning and Marking/Pivoting/Faking. Each one coupled with a drill or two to further emphasize the points that were explained. Once this was completed we spent the rest of the morning scrimmaging.

After we refueled we were back on the fields to hear a fantastic distance throwing and pulling speech by Leila and Darden. The campers really enjoyed it and clearly listened well as their throws greatly improved. Following this, the campers grouped together to tweak their zone offense and defense in preparation to the evening the activity.

The evening activity was the campers and counselors battling together to take on some local Amherst players. The first game was to 17 where the camper/counselor combination  traded points for most of the game but ended up losing 17-13. With the remaining time left we played a short game to 5 where again a tough battle was played and again the camper/counselor combination fell to the locals 5-3. When we returned back to the dorms the ice cream sundae station was ready for us to indulge in. The last surprise of the night was a wonderful magic show by one of the campers who also happens to be a certified magician with multiple associations.

Tonight I have for you all some great photos of today’s events. I hope you enjoy!

Monday’s Photos:

Thank you,

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