Gold – Tuesday Update

Good evening,

Today, luckily for us seemed to be cooler than expected. We did reach 97 degrees according to the weather sources but a nice breeze across the fields made it seem much nicer out. Due to the weather we spent the morning outside in preparation for tomorrow’s game of a rematch against the Amherst locals. We worked on perfecting the zone, hammering out any last questions about our reset, improving our marks on defense, and pivots and fakes on offense.

In the afternoon to stay out of the heat we had seminars of a wide variety. There was: how to get everything you want from your school administration by Tiina Booth, how to plan and execute an effective practice by myself and Darden, What it’s like to play college ultimate with Jonah Herscu, Yoga with Leila Tunnell, Training Basics with Stephanie our Athletic Trainer, and The Future of Ultimate with USAU Board Member John Terry. After the seminars concluded we went outside where the campers competed in a distance contest along with an MTA (maximum time aloft) activity. The winner of the MTA finished with an impressive 11.6 seconds.

Tonight’s evening activity was Trade Night. Lots of sweet gear was flying all around and not just because there was a stiff wind blowing through the marketplace. The last part of the night was each camper checking in with a counselor or two about their progress over the past week. It was a great experience being able to sit down with players and hear all the great things that they have learned over the past week. They have learned more than I have ever imagined and there’s still more time in the week for them to learn much more.


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