NUTC 2012 Session B Monday

Greetings everyone, we kicked off this Monday with an unfortunate rain delay (first of 2012). However, the campers did not let this uncontrollable deter them from improving. Teams split up early on to talk strategy and play games with each other. Fun was had all around and it wasn’t long before the weather had cleared up and campers were headed out to the fields.

Getting started on a condensed schedule, campers jumped in to warmups and early morning lessons from our awesome counselors. Jonah and Joe treated the campers to a great mental toughness situation, while Leila explained the ins and outs of the pick call. Before long campers were drilling and starting up their first games of the day. This was the campers first time playing in their individual teams and while there’s clearly room for improvement, all teams were looking strong and should make for a great tournament.

After lunch campers worked on distance throws with the help of Leila and Darden. It wasn’t long before tons of discs were flying down the field. The campers then finished their afternoon lessons by learning how to break the mark and what makes a good defender. It was clear campers took a lot away from these lessons as hucks started flying in the afternoon games, some of which were stopped by some great defensive plays.

We adjourned the afternoon session for rec hour before heading up to the dining hall for dinner. After dinner campers and counselors gathered to make the trek to Amherst turf fields. Campers and counselors faced off in a real grudge match under the lights. Early counselor turnovers had the crowd wondering but it wasn’t long before the counselors pulled away to a 15-0 lead. However the campers rallied and with a couple well placed throws managed to stop the shutout. All 78 campers stormed the field cheering for their teammates. Celebrations were short lived, however, as the counselors would pull away to win the game 19-2. Better luck next session…

Upon our return to the dorms, we were all treated to an ice cream sundae bar. Needless to say, this brought up all the campers spirits after that tough loss. As usual, campers are in bed fast asleep as I will be shortly as well. Below you can find links to pictures from the day as well as today’s newsletter as well as tomorrow’s.

Today’s Photos: Click Here

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Tomorrow’s Newsletter: Click Here


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