NUTC 2012 Session B Saturday

Hey everyone, welcome to session B of NUTC 2012! The campers arrived in swarms today to some excited counselors ready to deck them out in swag from our generous sponsors. Despite the shortened camp day the kids made the best of it, making their way out to the field for pickup shortly after arriving. Campers got in some good fun and competition before heading to the the dining hall for dinner. In the evening, everyone headed up to the auditorium where the campers got to know the counselors and vice versa. Through ice breakers and other fun activities everyone got to know each other and started making friends for the week ahead.

A camper goes big testing his vert!

We have some pictures from the evenings activities which can be seen on our flickr page! (click here)

Campers are asleep with counselors not far behind, ready for a long day of ultimate tomorrow! Keep checking in for more updates and photos throughout the week.

Today’s newsletter. (click here)

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