NUTC 2012 Session B Sunday

Good evening everyone,

The campers have been hard at work, getting up bright and early to eat and prepare for a long day of Ultimate. After breakfast we made our way down to the gorgeous fields at Amherst for their morning session. After completing a dynamic warmup, the campers were treated to morning demos of everything from push ups to proper throwing form. Everyone worked to absorb the knowledge before being divided into their teams for the day and employing these techniques in scrimmages.

Camp broke for lunch and shortly resumed for the afternoon session. Campers worked hard at improving their marks and cutting technique as well working on distance throws to space. It wasn’t long till the teams were back at it working hard in the more scrimmages, before running the day’s final workout and retreating to the indoor pool.

After dinner campers were split up into the teams they will be spending the rest of the week training with. All the teams got together to set goals and get to know each other before participating in the annual NUTC Team Night. All six teams competed in various challenges and activities to decide their jersey colors for the week! In the end Brent and Paul’s team came away with the first pick and a nice stack of salmon colored jerseys.

Per usual the campers are now asleep, soon to wake up for another awesome day of Ultimate.

Photos from today can be viewed at this link. (click here)

Today’s newsletter can be viewed at this link. (click here)

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