NUTC 2012 Session B Tuesday

Evening everyone, today’s been a long day with more unfortunate rain delays. However, the campers managed to persevere and make the best of it. After breakfast, everyone headed down to the fields to start the day off. After doing their morning push ups, the campers were treated to a new mental toughness scenario from the counselors as well as a great run down of what constitutes a receiving foul. The campers then quickly split up into their teams and got to work on both zone defense and offense. Everyone has continually made strides in achieving their goals for the week, some of which include picking apart zone defenses like many campers proved they could. At the end of morning session, campers were told their team shirts were ready but they’d have to race up the hill to get them. I watched from the top as all 78 campers came barreling up the hill, excited to finally be wearing their team colors.

After lunch we made our way down to the fields for the disc Olympics. Campers participated in the throwing distance competition and the MTA (maximum time aloft) competition, to earn points for their respective teams. All the campers performed admirably. Darden’s team has a strong hold on the lead, but with Disc Golf and Disc Spinning left till tomorrow it could be anyone’s game. Storms cut the afternoon session short, postponing the beginning of the tournament till tomorrow morning. Back at the dorms the campers met for one on one sessions with their counselors to get feedback on how the week is going.

Closing out Tuesday was the ever exciting trade night. Money, discs, and jerseys were exchanged between campers and counselors alike. I think it’s safe to say most everyone came away with a cool item or two.

Despite the weather problems, the day proved quite fruitful for everyone. Campers are asleep, gearing up for a long day of tournament play that’s sure to be exciting for all.

Today’s Photos: Click Here

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