NUTC 2012 Session B

Hey everyone, today was a long, exciting day, filled with highly competitive ultimate. We headed to the fields early in order to make up for the time missed from the storms yesterday. After a solid, condensed warmup, the campers took to the fields in the first of 5 rounds for the day. It became quite clear that these were anybody’s games as highlight plays were made left and right. After a pretty even split of wins and losses, the teams adjourned for lunch.

Play resumed for the final two rounds and with spots in the semi finals on the line, the teams really turned it on. In the end only four could pull it out leaving with tomorrow’s match ups of Blue and Neon on one side of the bracket, and Green and Salmon on the other side. With the championship up for grabs it will be interesting to see who can focus up and take home the win (and the coveted NUTC medal jerseys).

After dinner everyone got together for the annual talent show. At NUTC talent is loosely defined and tonight’s show was no exception. With acts like whale songs and human Pokemon battles, fun was had all around.

The campers have hit the sack, anxious to find out who will be crowned, NUTC Champions.

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