NUTC 2012 Session C Sunday

Evening everyone,

Today was a great day with tons of Ultimate played throughout. Not once were we delayed by thunderstorms, and the light drizzles of rain surely cooled off the campers as they tirelessly chased after discs. After breakfast, we made our way down to the fields for our morning session where the counselors were quick to explain marking violations and also demonstrating what good throwing form entails. After the usual morning pushups, campers paired up and practiced good throwing form. With the help of the counselors, campers were quick to improve in many ways they hadn’t thought of before. The counselors then proceeded to demonstrate the go-to drill, before letting the campers try their hand. Campers were attacking the disc left and right looking very solid early on. After being divided into temporary teams, the campers began their scrimmages. After a couple hard fought battles, the campers lined up in the back of the endzone for pre-lunch sprints. Campers relentlessly cheered each other on and gave everything they had through to the last sprint.

After a well deserved lunch, we returned to the fields for our afternoon session. The campers learned about marking technique, cutting technique, and distance throws to space. It wasn’t long before they were using them in the final scrimmages with their temporary teams. Everyone was quick to learn each others specialties and preferences and how to best use them for the scrimmages. All the players looked solid and it’s sure to be a tough tournament.

After dinner campers all met at the top of the hill for team night. After receiving their teams, the campers circled up with their new teammates to get to know each other and discuss both individual and team goals. After that it was all fun and games as the campers competed in various silly events to decide who would get first pick of jersey color. In the end, Michael and Matt’s team rose to the top selecting Sapphire blue, with Jonah’s team in Coral, Darden’s team in Green, and Brian and Hannah’s in Carolina Blue.

Alas, the campers returned to the dorms to hit the sack after a long hard day of ultimate, including a shot at taking down the counselors… or at least scoring a few points.

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