NUTC 2012 Session C Wednesday

Evening everyone,

Today was an awesome day for campers and counselors alike. Everyone got to sleep in an extra hour, which everyone was psyched about. After breakfast we made our way down to the fields for the first round of play. There was competitive play on both fields with Salmon team prevailing over Carolina Blue and Sapphire coming out on top over Green. After a solid lunch break the teams returned to the fields for the final two games of pool play. In a tight, contentious game, Sapphire prevailed over Carolina Blue and Green fell to Salmon. In the final games the undefeated Sapphire and Salmon teams faced off and the winless Green and Carolina Blue teams faced off. A Sapphire team, faced with some tough injuries, was no issue for Salmon who would end the day undefeated. Green team held the lead at half 6-5 against Carolina Blue, before Blue came back with their tough zone defense to win 11-8.

After dinner we all got together for the annual NUTC talent show. At NUTC talent is loosely defined and tonight we were treated to some awesome acts. From jazz piano to jokes and inventions, we saw it all.

Everyone is asleep now, and I will soon be as well.

Finals are tomorrow check back for the winner and final wrap up of NUTC 2012.

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