NUTC 2013 Session A Monday

Good evening everyone! After breakfast and warm-ups this morning, campers competed on their respective teams for the first time. The conditions were beautiful, as the sun beamed brightly and the breeze blew calmly. Following an intense morning session, we broke for lunch to refuel and prepare for the afternoon session.

The afternoon session was equally as competitive as the morning session. It consisted of an all-inclusive warmup, several skill-sharpening drills, and of course, plenty of scrimmaging. Great Ultimate could be seen on both fields, as campers worked hard to hone their skills. Once the afternoon session was completed, we headed to the Amherst College pool to swim for Rec Hour, and then walked to dinner at Valentine Hall.

The evening activity today was the much anticipated Campers vs Counselors game. Despite the efforts of the campers, the counselors prevailed 12-3. As a reward for their hard work tonight and thus far, campers participated in “Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Night”. We are now all headed to bed to rest our bodies for the hard day of work ahead. Below, you will find links to all the photos from today, as well as tomorrow’s newsletter. As always, thank you for tuning in!

Morning Photos: click here

Night Photos: click here

Tomorrow’s Newsletter: click here

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