NUTC 2013 Session A Sunday

Hello again! Both campers and counselors woke up bright and early today, excited for the long day of Ultimate ahead. After breakfast (the most important meal of the day!) at Valentine Hall, campers headed over to the fields for their morning session. Once dynamic warm-ups were completed, they were shown a series of demonstrations by the counselors, ranging from proper push up form to marking violations. Following a number of drills, campers were split up into temporary teams and intense scrimmaging commenced.

After lunch, the campers once again headed to the fields to play some more Ultimate. Unfortunately, the afternoon session was cut short due to a thunderstorm. To make the best out of the situation, counselors split up to lead mini-seminars on mental toughness, trying out for teams, dealing with your school’s administration, and an Ultimate-focused yoga session.

Following a filling dinner of steak (and numerous other entrées), campers received their teams for the week. The room was booming, with campers cheering for their new teammates as they fiercely competed for T-shirt color picks. That’s all for today! Below, I have posted links to photos from today, day and night, as well as tomorrow’s newsletter.

Photos (Daytime): click here

Photos (Night): click here

Tomorrow’s Newsletter: click here

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