NUTC 2013 Session A Wednesday

Good evening all! Today was Tournament Wednesday, and consequently, campers spent the entire day (morning and afternoon session) in pool play. After hours of grueling competition, including ten different games, the seeding for tomorrow is set. The Tree Frogs (green), Pigment of Your Imagination (pink), and Ur In Trouble (yellow) all ended the day with a 3-1 record. Fire Whirl (red) finished the afternoon with a record of 1-3. Because there was a three way tie, we looked at the difference between the total number of points scored by each team to determine the final seeding for tomorrow’s championship bracket.

1. The Tree Frogs

2. Pigment of Your Imagination

3. Ur In Trouble

4. Fire Whirl

Unfortunately, Brown Town (orange) finished the day with a 0-4 record and therefore did not qualify for the championship bracket.

After dinner at Valentine Hall, everyone gathered together for the annual talent show. Watching a variety of performances such as counselor impressions and magic tricks, campers enjoyed their last night together with smiles and laughter. Everyone is now in bed, anxious to find out which team will be crowned the NUTC champions of session A. That’s it for tonight! Below, I have posted photos from today, as well as tomorrow’s newsletter.

Photos (Daytime): click here

Photos (Nighttime): click here

Tomorrow’s Newsletter: click here

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