NUTC 2013 Session A Wrap Up

Hello all! This morning, four teams faced off in the semi final round of the 2013 NUTC Session A Championships. On one field, Pigment of Your Imagination (pink) faced off against Ur In Trouble (yellow), while on the other field, the Tree Frogs (green) played Fire Whirl (red). After about an hour of intense competition, Pigment of Your Imagination and the Tree Frogs advanced to the championship game.

The finals between the green and pink was a great game to watch. Both teams traded points until half, with every throw contested by fiery defenders.   After half time, the Tree Frogs managed to earn a few breaks on Pigment of Your Imagination, which allowed the Tree Frogs to take the game 9-6. Congratulations to the Tree Frogs!


Now, all the campers have moved out of King Dorm and are headed home. Below, I have posted the pictures from today’s semi finals and championship game. Thank you, campers, for a fantastic week and have a safe trip home!

Photos (click here)

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