NUTC 2014 Session A Monday

Hello again from NUTC! Another wonderful day is in the books. It started as usual with an early breakfast at 7 am, followed by heading back to the Ultimate fields. There, the campers were first given some overviews of mental toughness scenarios and how to keep your team prepared during the season with big practices. Then they got a lesson on the rule of the day, which was picks. A little later they scrimmaged and then took a break for lunch.


In the afternoon session the campers headed back to the fields and first practiced their pulling, then went through some more stations – this time they included drills on defensive positioning and the on breaking the mark. They split up into their assigned teams from yesterday and got in some more scrimmaging to build up that chemisty. Aftwards, everybody headed to a slightly early dinner at 5 to beat the rush.

Everybody headed back to the dorm to chill as I set up a slideshow of photos from the day for the campers to watch, which they eagerly did! We went out to the fields again for the long awaited Campers vs Counselors game, which was a blast. The counselors were in the lead by a good margin, however, the rain and thunder started to show up midway through so the campers had to retreat to the dorm. That was okay though, because soon after they were treated to some ice cream. The floor meetings just ended and everyone is off to sleep.

Here are today’s great photo highlights on Ultiphotos!

Here is the newsletter for Tuesday!   Newsletter Session A 7-8-2014


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