NUTC 2014 Session A Sunday

Good evening everyone, what a fun day we had.

For the first full day of camp everybody got up nice and early at 6:45 to head out for a tasty breakfast at Valentine Hall. Soon afterwards, the campers headed to the fields and got a lesson on throwing form and went over some rules. They split up into groups of two and practiced different throws while the instructors looked on and helped them improve. After a few drills like the go-to they campers split up into temporary teams and scrimmaged.

Amos Adams giving throwing tips to a camper

Amos Adams giving throwing tips to a camper

After a great lunch break the campers went back at it on the fields, this time starting with stations. There were three stations the campers rotated through focusing on things like cutting, marking, and throwing. They put the lessons from that to the test with another round of scrimmages, followed soon after by a break and then dinner. For the night activity we went to the auditorium and told the campers which teams they would be playing on the rest of the week. The newly formed teams got to know each other better with some fun games and later had an intense competition to determine who got to pick their team color etc… which filled the room with loud cheers.

Everyone is fast asleep now, but can’t wait for tomorrow’s Campers vs Counselors Game!

Check out the photo highlights from Sunday here on Ultiphotos!

Here’s Monday’s Bring It In Newsletter: Newsletter Session A 7-7-2014

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