NUTC 2014 Session A Tuesday

Another hot Amherst day, and it was packed with activities. We started out early for breakfast again, and then went out to the fields for some team time. The counselors went over zone defense with their teams with various drills to get them ready for the one round of scrimmaging that came afterwards. A bit after that the campers did the MTA, or maximum time aloft competition to see who could get a disc to stay up longest. Then right before their lunch break the campers ran up the big hill to the top where they were given their team jerseys – in various bright colors.

Group Photo small

After lunch the first thing the campers did was the distance competition, to see who could throw the farthest. Once the winners were announced, the first round of the tournament commenced, followed by a short rain delay that drenched some of us. Eventually we got round 2 in as well which was equally great. Then the campers headed to dinner and when they came back it was time for trade night! Many counselors and campers brought plenty of swag to share and sell to each other. They also met with their teams in the dorms, and then the floor meetings. Everyone’s heading to bed now.

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Here is the Newsletter for Wednesday!    Newsletter Session A 7-9-2014

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