NUTC 2014 Session A Wednesday

Wednesday was Tournament day here at NUTC, which meant the campers were for the most part playing against other teams all day. After another 7 AM breakfast the campers went to the fields and went on to play a full three rounds straight. After a much needed break for their lunch at Valentine Hall, the campers went back out again and played two more rounds of pool play.


The games were filled with drama and intensity. Team gold came back from a slow start to finish 3-3 and the green team walked away from today with a 6-0 record. Several games were decided on a universe point – and there were plenty of back and forth points with a lot of turnovers. Tomorrow the semis and finals will take place and it should be tremendous to watch.

After that the campers had some rec time and some of them played disc golf. Then came dinner and afterwards we played a slideshow of some of the highlights from the day, and yesterday too. The campers really seemed to enjoy the photos. Later on we had the talent show which was filled with hilarious and impressive displays. There was everything from dancing to solving rubiks cubes to inprov to magic tricks. And a great way to end the day was with a nice slice of pizza when the campers returned to the dorms.

Lights out – campers will need that sleep to be fresh for the games tomorrow before they go back home.

Photo Highlights from Wednesday on Ultiphotos!

The Thursday edition of the Newsletter:  Newsletter Session A 7-10-2014

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