NUTC 2014 Session A – Welcome!!

Welcome to to the 14th annual National Ultimate Training Camp! The Session A campers arrived in the afternoon between 2 and 5 in groups big and small and the councilors couldn’t wait. We have a huge group from the Atlanta area show up, plenty from around New England, a few here and there from the west and even one girl from Germany!

After receiving a bunch of swag such as discs, shirts, and bags the campers settled into their rooms and then headed to the fields to start playing a few games of pickup. Following a hardy dinner at Valentine Hall, everyone gathered in the auditorium and Tiina and the Staff formally introduced themselves and went over important rules and safety info.


Then the campers split into groups for icebreakers in which they got the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow campers and counselors. After the first hall meeting the campers soon started going to bed to be ready for the first full day of camp starting Early tomorrow morning!

To check out some of the photos from today head over to Ultiphotos !

And here is Sunday’s Newsletter Session A 7-6-2014

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