NUTC 2014 Session B Monday

What a great day at NUTC we had. Everybody worked really hard and the end of the day topped it all off. After another early breakfast the campers went to the fields to learn about mental toughness scenario and rules of the day. Today those dealt with having big practices instead of worrying about big games, so you are can say you’ve been there done that. The rule of the day was on picks. Soon after that the campers split up into their teams to do various drills such as the endzone drill and later they all focused on split stacking. They then had two scrimmages to test all of it out.


Lunch was great as usual, and when the campers got back to the fields they learnt about throwing for distance both flicks and backhands. Next there were two stations to go between dealing with defensive positioning and breakmark drills. Then another round of scrimmaging to get in some practice of it all.

Rec hour was well-awaited and some campers decided to go swimming during that time. Afterwards was another nice Dinner and then everybody got prepared for the epic Campers vs Counselors game!! It got underway and was likely the most fun at camp everyone’s had thus far. As usual the counselors dominated but they had fun with it. Even I got to play!

Everybody came back to some time for ice cream in the dorm and relaxed till floor meetings and bedtime.

To check out the photo highlights from the day, head over to Ultiphotos!!!

Here’s the newsletter for Tuesday!!!  Newsletter Session B 7-15-2014

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