NUTC 2014 Session B Sunday

Today was a big day for the Session B campers, as they finally got a taste of what a FULL NUTC day is like. After a 7:00 am breakfast in Valentine Hall, the campers walked to the fields where they were talked to about mental toughness, and then the rule of the day which dealt with marking violations. The campers got tips on how to be a good leader, proper warm ups and go-to drills. After being demonstrated how to execute a proper reset cut, they split up and did some drills to practice that. After a round of scrimmaging they went off to Lunch.

The afternoon session of the day had the campers switching between stations on proper cutting, timing, and marking. They again scrimmaged and put that knew information to the test. Afterwards came a rec hour during which some of the campers took advantage of the pool.


After dinner at Valentine Hall, I showed the campers a slideshow of some of the day’s highlight photos. I was glad as they seemed to enjoy the presentation.

The evening session was team night where the campers were told what teams they would be playing on the rest of the session. They got to know their new teammates better with some fun games and then competed against the other teams to fight for the choice of team color. The competitions included a word game, Bear Ninja Cowboy, Mental Battleship, and Clothespins. This really got the campers engaged and the room was full of laughter.

After a floor meeting the campers are all in bed sleeping.

Check out photo highlights from the day on Ultiphotos!!!

And here’s the Monday Newsletter!  Newsletter Session B 7-14-2014

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