NUTC 2014 Session B Wednesday

Today was a big day for the campers and their teams, as it consisted mainly of pool play for the tournament! In the morning most of the campers had breakfast at the usual 7 am, but the tournament was delayed a while due to some showers. We were able to get in one round of play starting a little after 10 am and that was it before lunch time.


Later on the tourney continued with another three full rounds and a couple great games that were very back and forth or went to universe point. The pink team remains undefeated and the blue and gold teams did well too. The competition was pretty intense and it seemed liked everyone was having fun despite winning or losing. Tomorrow we will see who comes away as champs.

The campers ate well at dinner and after some brief down time it was finally time for the Talent Show! As expected there was plenty of laughs to be had. There was plenty of singing dancing, counselor party inprov, and weird body part maneuvers. Also the last part of the disc Olympics was taken care of – which was the spinning. Gold team won overall.

After the talent show the campers headed back to the dorms for pizza and soon the floor meetings to talk about their last day at camp. Everyone’s asleep now getting

Check out photo highlights from the day over at Ultiphotos!!!

Here’s the newsletter for Thursday!!! Newsletter Session B 7-17-2014

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