NUTC 2014 Session C Monday

We had another great day here at NUTC on Monday that started off with another delicious early breakfast followed by a morning session at the fields. This time the mental toughness scenario of the day was about having big practices so that you’re prepared for “big games” when they come. The rule of the day was about picks. The campers split up by teams and did some warm-ups drills and throwing, each doing slightly different things. The lecture of the morning session was about split stack and was used to build a drill for all the teams to do on cutting across the field correctly. Lastly was the scrimmage and then it was off to lunch.


In the afternoon session the campers learned about throwing for distance and went through some stations dealing with pulling, defensive positioning, and breaking the mark. They cycled through each station and afterwards got out for a few scrimmages.

Soon it was rec hour where a few campers went to swim etc…. and then dinner time a little after 5pm. By 6:15 the campers were arriving at the fields again for the much anticipated Camper-Counselor game! In the beginning things started out somewhat close but soon the counselors were way ahead and they did end up winning like they usually do by a hefty margin. That didn’t stop the campers from having a blast and celebrating every last goal they scored. One of the counselors even did hill sprints for each point the campers scored. Once the game was over everyone headed back to the dorms and had some ice cream.

The campers are really in the zone now and at the tail end of Tuesday they’ll begin the tournament.

Check out the highlights from Monday here on Ultiphotos!!!

Here is the newsletter for Tuesday!   Newsletter Session C 7-22-2014

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