NUTC 2014 Session C Saturday

Welcome to Session C everybody! Today we welcomed over 80 more campers to NUTC after a very successful Sessions A and B. From around 2-4 pm they arrived in bunches to move in, receiving several items such as bags, jerseys, and discs as they made their way in. Each camper stuck a pin on a map to mark where they came from, same as the previous sessions. We had a lot of kids from around the Amherst area and Massachusetts in general this time. Soon after they arrived a few pick-up games started on the fields.

After some pickup the campers all headed to a great dinner at Valentine Hall around 5pm. Soon that was over and there was some down time until 7:30 pm when everyone headed to the auditorium for the intro night. Tiina and the counselors went over the general camp rules, safety and health guidlines, and all the counselors introduced themselves and gave a fun fact.


Later the campers split up into groups to do some ice-breaking activities and to get to know each other’s names. There were some fun games played included the blanket game where an unknown person is put on each side of a blanket and when it’s dropped they each have to guess the name of the other person. There was a ton of laughing and all the campers started to open up a bit.

Soon it was 9:30 and time for floor meetings to talk about the crucial things for the next day. All the campers were in bed by 10:30pm and are eager for the first full day tomorrow.

To check out photo highlights from Saturday, head over to Ultiphotos!!!

Here’s the newsletter for Sunday!  Newsletter Session C 7-20-2014

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