NUTC 2014 Session C Sunday

For the first full day of camp, all the campers got up for an early 7am breakfast at valentine hall before heading out to the fields for the morning session. The campers were told the mental toughness scenario of the day which was avoiding uncontrollables and then the rule of the day which dealt with marking fouls. Later on the campers worked on their different backhand and flick throws with some help from the counselors. They did a few drills as well such as the go-to and one going over how to cut/throw the reset. There was a lot of good information in there and they put it to use in a scrimmage before heading off to Lunch.


The campers soon came back to the fields for the afternoon session where they did 3 stations. Each group of campers learned about marking the thrower, timing cuts, and how to properly make cuts. Then there were a few scrimmages and before we knew it rec hour had come. At the start of rec hour all the campers headed to the pool and some of them stayed to swim. The rest went off to dinner and came back to the dorm for some down time.

The evening session was team night where everyone was assigned the teams they will be playing with for the rest of the session. After some team meetings to get comfortable there were numerous competitive games used to determine the order in which teams could pick their color. There was everything from mental battleship to who could get the most clothespins on their face. The campers were having a blast. But soon it was floor meeting time and then lights out. Everyone’s resting up for tomorrow which will include the camper counselor game!

Check out the photo highlights from the day here on Ultiphotos!!!

Here’s the newsletter for Monday!!  Newsletter Session C 7-21-2014


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