NUTC 2014 Session C Tuesday

The much anticipated Pink Tuesday! All the campers and counselors did their best to find a pink or pinkish colored shirt to wear at least for the morning session. After the 7am breakfast we were at the fields around 8. This morning the mental toughness scenario featured Tiina herself talking about the idea of no expectations, and how you have to do your best to keep the energy of the game at an overall even level despite the ups and downs. The rule of the day was receiving fouls and talked about topics like the principle of verticality. After that the teams met and warmed up then played one scrimmage. Then it was time the MTA competition with a boys and mixed division. Before lunch the campers ran up the hill to the top where their colored jerseys were waiting. We took team photos and a big group photo.


For the afternoon session we began with the distance competition which is always a hit. Some of the campers really could launch the disc, and the counselors got in on the fun after them. Then it was time to start the tournament! We had time for two rounds of play, then soon after it was dinner time.

There was some down time and then trade night! A lot of the counselors had some cool gear to trade away and the campers were eager to get their hands on it. After that team and individual meetings got underway, and then floor meetings. Everyone is getting some sleep now which will be essential for grinding through the games tomorrow.

To check out photo highlights from today head over to Ultiphotos!!!

Here’s the newsletter for Wednesday!   Newsletter Session C 7-23-2014

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