NUTC 2014 Session C Wednesday

TOURNAMENT DAY! Arguably the most exciting and longest day of NUTC, as the campers had five full rounds of tournament play to fill up the both the morning and afternoon sessions. They had breakfast, went to the fields and played for 3 rounds. Then they had lunch and were back out on the fields around 1:15 pm. Then they had to grind it out for another two rounds in the hot sun. Everyone was drinking plenty of water and gatorade to stay properly hydrated, and leaving all they had on the field. Several games went all the way to hard cap or universe point and there were plenty of long points at the end of some rounds.


After the afternoon session of play the campers had a rec hour and disc golf was the main activity for that, as part of the disc olympics for the teams. When that was over everyone at varying times headed out to dinner at Valentine Hall.

After dinner there was a bunch of free time until the talent show, so the campers hung out either outside or in the dorm, playing KanJam or whatever else they could. A little before 8 everyone headed over to the building for the talent show and it got under way. There were some really talented guitar and piano players amongst the campers, and we all cheered for them loudly. There were some weird body part displays, and then an absolutely hilarious counselor party. All the counselors improved as a pop culture character and it had everybody falling over laughing as they acted and our trainer, Kelly had to guess who they were. Then there was the last part of Disc Olympics, the spinning competition.

After the talent show everyone went back to the dorm for some pizza, then floor meetings and lights out at 10:30 pm. Tomorrow is the last day and the semis and finals of the tournament so hopefully the campers will get some quality rest to prepare.

To check out photo highlights from the day, head over to Ultiphotos!!!

Here’s the newsletter for Thursday!!   Newsletter Session C 7-24-2014

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