NUTC Session A 7/3/16


The first full day was packed with drills, scrimmaging, and Team Night.  During the morning session the campers practiced throwing techniques, split into teams and scrimmaged, and ran a few sprints before heading up to lunch.



In the afternoon the campers returned to the fields with their same teams to practice deep throws, marking, and cutting.  After a quick water break the teams went back to structured scrimmages to work on their resets and deep throws.  After another round of sprints the campers enjoyed an hour of rec time and dinner.



After dinner everyone was split into their tournament teams, wrote down goals for the week, and then participated in word games, mental battleship, and a few other games in order to determine the order in which each team got to choose their team color.  The amount of enthusiasm at team night always impresses me.  Tomorrow the teams will get to work together on the field and start their quest for the coveted NUTC championship!  More photos on the flickr page!





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