NUTC – Session A – July 2, 2018

After last night’s Team Night, campers spent a lot of time with their teams today getting to know each other and learning new skills. They ran through a few drills, then learned all about vertical stacks. After three rounds of scrimmage, they headed off to lunch.

After lunch, everyone had some indoor Team Time to continue to build new skills as a team. Then, it was back to the fields to work on distance! Campers learned techniques for hucking both backhands and forehands. After, they worked on marking and defensive positioning.

Tonight was trade night, and there were plenty of jerseys, shorts, and other swag to be had. The only thing that could tear these campers away was the campers vs counselors game! The campers really gave the counselors a run for their money, putting up 8 points, including the final point of the night!

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Full coverage will be posted in the coming weeks!

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