NUTC – Session A – July 6, 2019

NUTC 2019 kicked off today with the arrival of our Session A campers! Everyone went through registration where they picked up their keys and some great swag. Each camper and counselor put a pin in our map to represent their hometown, which is looking a little Massachusetts-heavy this session!

After registration, campers got to enjoy a little pickup before the rain drove us indoors. At dinner campers were asked to sit with an assigned “team”, where they could meet new campers. After dinner we had intro night, where the counselors introduced themselves and went over the rules and expectations for the week. Then, campers got back into teams for icebreakers. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow!

Campers are taught the importance of hydration!

All photos from today can be viewed and purchased (in a variety of products!) here:

Full coverage will be posted in the coming weeks!

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