NUTC 2013 Session A Tuesday

Hello! Today was another day full of competition and hard work. Players received their team shirts (pink, green, orange, yellow and red), and played the first round of pool play this afternoon. “Pigment of Your Imagination” (pink) faced off with “Ur In Trouble” (yellow), with a final score of 9-5, pink over yellow. On the other field, Brown Town (orange) played Tree Frogs (green), with a final score of 9-5 as well, green over orange. For a nighttime activity, campers had the opportunity to pick up some schwag (gear) from all over the country during Trade Night. Currently, campers are meeting individually with their team coaches for constructive feedback. That’s it for tonight! Below, I have posted photos from today, as well as tomorrow’s newsletter. Good night from all of us!

Photos from Today: click here

Tomorrow’s Newsletter: click here

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