NUTC – Session B – July 10, 2018

It’s Pink Tuesday!

Campers gathered for the morning session, many decked out in varies shades and quantities of pink. Teams met with each other for team time first this in the morning, warming up together and then learning some individual team strategies in preparation of the tournament starting this afternoon.

NUTCTuesdayResized-0508 NUTCTuesdayResized-0618

After team time, it was time for the Women’s Scrimmage. Female campers and some counselors split into two teams to play each other in a game, while the male campers and counselors cheered them on.

NUTCTuesdayResized-0779NUTCTuesdayResized-0826NUTCTuesdayResized-0692 NUTCTuesdayResized-0811 NUTCTuesdayResized-0949After the excellent Women’s Showcase, everyone received their team jerseys for the first time! The whole camp put them on and gathered together for both team and whole camp picturesNUTCTuesdayResized-1191

After lunch, the Disc Olympics started! Campers competed in a variety of disc-related competitions such as longest throw in a variety of categories, longest time aloft and a disc relay.NUTCTuesdayResized-1278

Finally, it was time to start the tournament! Great White Zarks (red) played Kale Yeah (green). Milky Way (purple) played Sky Dancers (blue). Finally, Medium Child(grey) and Blau It Up (light blue) played. Tomorrow, the rest of the pool play matches will take place.

NUTCTuesdayResized-1364 NUTCTuesdayResized-1490 NUTCTuesdayResized-1547

After dinner, campers and counselors met for a gender equity forum. This year, two sessions were held. Gender Equity 101 was for campers new to NUTC, whereas Gender Equity 202 was a more advanced version for those campers who have already attended the 101. Both forums were full of excellent discussion and critical thinking.

NUTCTuesdayResized-1669 NUTCTuesdayResized-1701 NUTCTuesdayResized-1710

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Full coverage will be posted in the coming weeks!

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