NUTC – Session B – July 12, 2018

And just like that, a great session comes to an end! Campers woke up bright and early to get to the fields for semi-finals with the pull going up at 8:15am sharp! Great White Zarks (red) played against Skydancers (dark blue) in the first semi-final, while Blau It Up (light blue) played Medium Child (grey) in the second semi-final. All four teams fought hard, but both Great White Zarks and Medium Child won fairly comfortably, sailing into the finals immediately after. Medium Child advanced with the help of their formidable defense, with an airtight zone and suffocating person defense. Great White Zarks advanced by utilizing an efficient offense with flowing resets and accurate deep shots.

NUTCThursday_Resized-3336 NUTCThursday_Resized-3687 NUTCThursday_Resized-3718 NUTCThursday_Resized-3264

The final was an incredibly interesting and tight game, with both teams trading the lead and neither team ever up by more than two points. Mostly, both teams were tied and fought hard for every point. Fittingly, the game ended on universe point, with both teams having scoring opportunities and making defensive stands. Ultimately, Great White Zarks (red) came away with the victory. It was fantastic to see all six teams play today and to watch how much each player had improved over the course of one week.

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Finally, it was time for the Award’s Ceremony and to pack up and say goodbye. Campers received a variety of awards and prizes for Disc Olympics Victories and also Player Awards given out by their counselors. We hope to see you again next year and remember: Throw Everyday!

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