NUTC – Session B – July 8, 2018

Today was the first day of really learning and practicing ultimate skills. In the morning, everyone warmed up together and learned about mental toughness. Then everyone split into groups in order to do some drills and learn/practice resetting the disc. After the drills were completed, everyone competed in several rounds of scrimmagesNUTCSundayResized-8046 NUTCSundayResized-8073 NUTCSundayResized-8179 NUTCSundayResized-8382 NUTCSundayResized-8548 NUTCSundayResized-8597After the morning session, everyone was very excited for lunch. Then it was back to work! The campers split up into three different groups and rotated through cutting form, marking, and deep cutting stations. After that, it was time for another round of scrimmages.

NUTCSundayResized-8884 NUTCSundayResized-8716 NUTCSundayResized-9063 NUTCSundayResized-8948

Once the afternoon session was completed, campers had Rec Hour and then headed to dinner. Finally, everyone was excited to find out what team they were on at Team Night! After learning their teams, they all met in order to get to know one another. After that, the teams played a series of silly games in order to determine which color each team would be during the NUTC Session B tournament!

NUTCSunday_Resized-9118 NUTCSunday_Resized-9127 NUTCSunday_Resized-9138 NUTCSunday_Resized-9221

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