NUTC – Session B – July 9, 2018

Now that they had been assigned their teams, campers were able to practice within their teams during our morning session. But first, Patrick Kelsey with PeaK Performance Training led everyone in some great dynamic warmups, teaching acceleration mechanics, change of direction, and proper conditioning.

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Team names and cheers developed quickly as campers encouraged each other through some vertical stack drills. Afterwards, teams were able to play together and build chemistry for the first time, as teams scrimmaged each other in preparation for tomorrow’s tournament.

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After lunch, everyone came back for the afternoon session. First, campers learned how to huck and pull farther by using good throwing mechanics to optimize distance. Then campers split up into groups to practice breaking the mark and ideal defensive positioning. Finally, they ended the practice with some more scrimmaging.

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Finally after dinner, it was time for the highly anticipated Camper-Counselor game. The campers fought hard, demonstrating many skills they had learned this week, with hard cuts, great flow and tight defense. There were many highlight reel plays and layouts. However, ultimately, the counselors demonstrated why they are the ones teaching the skills at camp, pulling away to a 20 – 2 victory.

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