NUTC – Session B – Saturday

usa-mapWelcome to Session B!

Danny did an amazing job last week as Media Specialist but I’m glad it’s my turn once again to fill that role. My summer feels incomplete without being involved at NUTC as I’ve been affiliated with the camp for the past 12 years (as a camper for many years and in various roles since then).

The new wave of campers showed up this afternoon full of energy and eager to play. We are excited to even have our first camper from Europe! Germany to be more specific. We have had campers from South Africa and Columbia before but Germany is definitely a first for us. We deeply appreciate all the hard work parents, guardians and friends have put in to get their camper here by means of train, bus, airplane and car.

Stay tuned for more media coverage each evening but for now check out a few photos from today along with today’s and tomorrow’s newsletter.

Thanks, Brian


Today’s Newsletter:

Tomorrow’s Newsletter:

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