NUTC Session C 7/17/16


Day two started out with beautiful weather.  The campers made their way down the hill after an early breakfast and cleated up for the morning session.  After the campers went through a mental toughness exercise they went over throwing technique and were helped by the counselors individually.  An extensive camp warm up led into a few drills to practice the throwing techniques they learned earlier.  Once broken into teams they went through a few drills and then scrimmaged before a few hill sprints to end the morning session.





Following lunch the campers stayed with their teams and went through a rotation of drills learning about deep cutting, defensive position, and marking.  After their drills the teams went straight into scrimmaging followed by a short workout before dinner with plenty of breaks for water and shade.  After dinner the tournament teams were announced and the campers competed for the chance to pick what jersey color they will have for the week.  This night is always full of enthusiasm and tonight was no different.




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