NUTC – Session C – July 15th, 2018

Campers got up bright and early (maybe due to a fire alarm) to start their first day of Ultimate activities. The first session of the day was jam packed with information ranging from throwing tips to cut timing. Campers were then grouped off to scrimmage until lunch time.

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After lunch campers once again separated into groups where they met with pairs of counselors to go over specific drills in stations. Resets, cutting, and same third throwing were discussed in the different stations. Before we knew it dinner was on deck and campers got their grub on at the dining hall.

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To end the night campers were split into their teams at TEAM NIGHT!!! The campers will stay in these teams for the remainder of camp and eventually compete in the NUTC tournament. Each team competed against one other to see which color jersey they would dawn for the next four days of camp.

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