NUTC – Session C – July 16th, 2018

With their teams now settled, campers started off day three of Session C undeniable energy! After a warm up campers split into their new teams and were taught positioning in vertical stack. Counselors laid down the ground work for one of the most used offenses in the Ultimate. Teams then scrimmaged for the remainder of the morning session.


Resize-30 Resize-36

Once campers finished their lunch they headed back to the fields split up into their teams and were given a crash course on deep throws by the counselors. Then teams moved onto stations where groups of counselors taught around throws and defensive positioning.



To wrap up the day, campers and counselors faced off in the Campers vs Counselors game under the turf lights. Campers showed off their crispy throws and sharp cuts against the counselors. While they did play hard, campers unfortunately fell to the Destructors.

Resize-79 Resize-83 Resize-92

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