NUTC – Session C – July 22, 2019

This morning’s session was focused on energy and mental strength. Amos started with a group talk about your state on and off the field and how to maintain it. The campers split into their teams after warm ups and did warm up drills to help learn each other’s names and get their hands and feet warmed up. The counselors then demonstrated vert stack and the teams practiced it in various drills. After a few scrimmages, the campers conditioned and headed off to lunch.

After lunch, the campers got individual help on longer throws. As the rain started coming down, they switched between a breaking the mark drill and a defensive positioning drill. They ended the afternoon session with a scrimmage in the downpour, and several stayed during rec hour for a layout practice in the rain. At the end of the night, all campers went through gender equity training.

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