NUTC Session D July 30

Full photos from today HERE


Goodbye Session D! It has been a great session, full of talent and eager learners across the board. We had a few hot days, but managed to tough it out with some resilient mental toughness practice.

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As teams faced off in the semifinals, blue (Bluebonic Plague) played yellow (Banana Stallions) and orange (OJ Drizzle) played silver (The Knights Who Say Nee/Yeet). OJ Drizzle came out victorious in a decisive win over The Knights and went on to face the Banana Stallions. The game was close the entire time, but the Banana Stallions would eventually rear their heads as champions as Mazie threw the final score to Ben on universe point.


After the finals, we headed over to the quad to commence our goodbye/awards ceremony where teams and individuals were recognized for their hard work, spirited play, and improvements. Thanks for everything Session D! Now go out there and teach people how to throw properly!

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