Session A – Completed

No Pain wearing their medal shirts like the champions they are.

Session A has officially come to a close but not before we saw some great ultimate played this morning in the semis and finals. The Cookie Monsters put a great fight but were simply no match for Mossination as they fell to them in the semis 9-7. On the opposite field was a tight matchup between Purple Crayons and No Pain. There was a lot of trading points taking place with neither team gaining a lead of more than two throughout the entire game. This game was so even it came down to universe point where Purple Crayons had an opportunity to score but a great defense play by No Pain led to a quick turnover, followed closely by an even quicker score.

In the finals Mossination and No Pain battled over each point it was close throughout as No Pain took half 5-4. Out of half No Pain went on a quick run but Mossination kept their spirits up and stayed right in there. However, Mossination started to feel some pain as No Pain pulled out the win 9-7.

The awards ceremony was great as players on each of the five teams were awarded Hardest Worker, Most Spirited and Most Improved. The ceremony concluded with No Pain receiving their championship t-shirts (shown above) and the campers getting together one more time with their teams to receive their evaluations and say their goodbyes.

All the campers are now on their way back home via plane, train and automobile and we wish them all safe travels. We look forward to them coming back next year and seeing them on the fields in the upcoming fall and spring seasons.

It’s been a great week and right now we are gearing up for three more equally wonderful sessions. Stay tuned for more of fun here at NUTC.
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